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PMT Dance Studio

69 West 14th St., 3rd floor

New York, NY 10011

Tel: 212-924-5694


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Pavan Thimmaiah


Hip Hop Dance, Breaking


Facebook: www.facebook.com/pmtthedancer

Twitter: @pmtthedancer



Video Clips of Pavan: CLICK HERE

Private Lesson with Pavan: CLICK HERE for info


After graduating NYU Pre-Med/Psychology, Pavan Thimmaiah abandoned his lifelong goal of becoming a doctor to pursue his dream of becoming a dancer.  Since that time, Pavan has gone on to create a successful dance career, highlighted by him founding PMT Dance Studio and the PMT Seasonal Showcase Company in 2001 and being the first (American born) Indian to choreograph for a major US recording artist.  Completely self-taught, Pavan has guest spoken & taught at conferences and dance seminars across California, the East Coast and Canada.  He has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers including Dance Europe, Dance Mogul Magazine, The Dance Gazette, Attitude Dancer’s Magazine, Washington Square News, among others.  Pavan’s dance company, PMT Dance Company, has performed as featured acts in various prestigious venues including the Canadian National Exhibition (Toronto), The International Dance Festival (NYC – Duke Theater) & as the opening number in the Bollywood International Movie Awards (2003 – Trump Taj Mahal - Atlantic City, NJ).   PMT Dance Company presented its first independent production in 2008, which was later featured on “Young Revolutionaries” on the Sundance Channel (2009). 

Pavan has also built a reputation for developing young recording artists towards being well-rounded performers, resulting in music videos and tours for these artists.  Some of these artists include Stefani Vara, Alex Feder (aka – Leonard Friend) and the XYZ Affair, and Matt Palmer. 

Pavan’s talents have taken to some of our biggest stages, as he has performed for the likes of Apache Indian, Sean Paul and on various TV programs/networks like the Conan O’Brien Show, MTV and performing and choreographing for NBC’s The Today Show (2010, 2012, 2013).  Pavan's most recent NBC TV appearance featured a performance with Vanilla Ice, which he also choreographed.  He has choreographed for MCA Day - an event dedicated to deceased Beastie Boy member Adam Yauch featuring some of Hip Hop's music's pioneers.  The MCA Day performance, which featured monks bboying, was the highest trending story a day after its release (on twitter/facebook).  He is slated to choreograph a half-time segment at Madison Square Garden in August of 2014, where he will be joined by PMT Dance Company and select others.

With entity he created in PMT Dance Studio & PMT Seasonal Showcase Co., Pavan has made a positive impact to the dance community in ways that surpass simply performing.  He has used his company as a means to create and hold a number of events for the dance community.  He is the co-founder of the successful "Urban Renewal" Battle and Jam, and has organized dance events with Ken Swift, Cricket, Shockalocke, & locking creator Don Campbell, to name a few.  His showcase company, PMT Seasonal Showcases, has helped the dance career of dozens companies.  He has funded and produced shows for Cobu, Ellenore Scott (ELSCO Dance), JChen Dance Company and many others.  Many companies received their first 'break' here at PMT, where they were able to put on their own feature show for the first time.  Through all of this, he has helped establish the 'PMT' entity within the dance community and opened doors for people to explore their passion for dance.

Pavan’s most valued accomplishments may come from his career as a teacher and mentor.  Over the years, he has not only endowed students with what he knows but opened doors for them to grow as independent artists resulting in the birth and revival of dozens of dancers.  Some of his success stories as a teacher/mentor include dancers like Alan Watson, Lara Duncan and the 2012 'Stars of Tomorrow' Apollo Theater Champion Kai Rivera (8 years old at the time).   He strives to find the right way to get the most out of every student’s potential.  He is one of the few teachers that specializes in working with 'everyday people' in helping them overcome their fears and dance for the first time regardless of age or background.  His teaching credits include Peridance, Ballet Arts, New York University, the Alvin Ailey School (Extension Program), Wadleigh School for the Performing Arts as well as the School of American Ballet as a guest teacher.  Pavan continues to teach hip-hop at  Long Island University.  He is the first teacher to be given an Intermediate level dance class (in the Hip Hop genre) for the Ailey Extension Program.


Teaching Schedule:


Day and Time


Monday 8:30 - 10:00pm

Breakin' 101 for Beginners

(Drop In Class)

Thursday 7:30 - 9:30pm

Int./Adv. Hip Hop Dance Performance Workshop (PMT at MSG)

10 weeks

Start Date: 6/5/2014


Saturday 3:30 - 5:00pm

Open (All Levels) Hip Hop/Funk Dance

(Drop In Class)

***Check back frequently for changes and updates***


Class Description

Hip Hop/Funk: Pavan brings a unique style of Hip Hop dance that fuses together elements of Funk, Popping, Locking and Breakin'.  The style tests your versatility, flexibility, strength, and fluidity with an emphasis on performance. 


Breakin': Pavan's Breakin' classes focuses on the fundamentals and technique necessary for breakers of all levels, ages and body types to be successful breakers.  Classes will incorporate both top rocking and floor rocking, eventually progressing to more difficult combinations and movements.


Chris is the co-host of Essential Sessions - Open Breaking Session


Check out PMT on The Today Show - with Vanilla Ice!



Choreographed by our Director Pavan Thimmaiah! Performed by Pavan Thimmaiah & Alan Watson!

Today Show's 2013 Halloween Special


More Video Clips of Pavan: CLICK HERE


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