Cash Back Program

YDP, Kid Hop & Junior Company Program


Help us build a strong community - Get cash back!


PMT's longevity and success is a direct result of a strong, diverse community.  Now, you can earn $15.00 per new student you refer or recruit into any one of our Youth Programs!

How to Redeem Cash Back:

Step 1 - Have the parent(s) of the student(s) you referred to us mention you via email or on their registration form within 3 days of enrollment.

Step 2 - Confirm the referral via email.

Step 3 -Receive your cash back via check or pick up.  Money back can also be applied as credits towards future enrollment or showcase tickets.

Limit: $75.00 cash back per family.

Promotion Rules:

  1. $15.00 per NEW student enrolled in our YDP, Kid Hop or Junior Company Program.

  2. Students referred for cash back cannot be living within the same household or your child.

  3. Students referred must never have taken a Youth Dance Class at our studio.  

  4. Cash back shall only be provided upon the successful completion (including any required performances) of your child's enrollment period and the enrollment period of the child you referred.  Cash back shall not be provided if a child does not complete the program with the exception of family emergency, injury or serious illness.  

  5. Cash back will be provided in the form of a check to the parent who gave the referral.  This check may be mailed or picked up at PMT within 7 days business after the completion of the enrollment period.

  6. Cash back may, alternatively, be used as credit towards future purchases at PMT.  

  7. If cash back is not claimed or deposited within 60 days, it is void and shall expire.

  8. Limit of $75.00 cash back per family.

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