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Elodie Dufroux was born in Loudun, France. She first got introduced to dance at the age of 7 at a dance school back home as an extracurricular activity. While training as a dancer, Elodie also decided to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business at the Lycée Victor Hugo in France.


Graduating at 20 years old, Elodie took the decision to expand her horizons and moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a Masters in International Business Management at Huddersfield Univeristy. Once in England, she rediscovered her love for dancing at the renowned Pineapple Dance Studios. After finishing her studies, she embarked on an intense training journey with several choreographers in London at Pineapple Dance Studios as well as Dance Works and Studio 68.


Following her training in London and looking to further her career in dance Elodie moved to New York in 2015 where she trained technique as well as street styles at Broadway Dancer Center. She joined the international program for 12 months and added an extra 4 months by also completing this institution’s Professional Semester.


While in NY, and due to her hard work and dedication to others in dance, miss Dufroux quickly became one of the most sought after assistants in the field. Her expertise led her to work directly with choreographers such as Hamilton’s Jon Rua, Stacie Webster, and Atlantic Records choreographer, Carlos Neto.


In April 2016, and after an intense audition period, AATMA Performance Arts in NY booked Elodie as one of the dancers for their show Mystic India: The World Tour. Shortly after she landed a role in Repertorio Español’s brand new production “La Cancion” also in NY which won the ACE award for Best Musical, went on to get raving reviews and is still currently running.


Her other awards include Outstanding Student Award by Broadway Dance Center as well the Professionalism Award which are a direct representation of this artist’s dedication to her craft as well as to help others succeed in her field. Elodie is currently dancing and working in New York City while awaiting for the approval of her Artist Visa that will enable her to continue her career in the USA.

Class Description

Elodie creates a welcoming and safe space for everyone who steps into class. Students will be challenged regardless of their level, and each part of class is taught carefully to ensure that any technique and foundations brought into class are well understood.


Her contemporary class begins with a warm up that integrates technique as well as grooves and foundations, which are incorporated in her choreography later on in class. The warm up is one of the most - if not the most - important parts of class as it requires students to be aware of their body and the space around them. Warming up is primordial in order to also prevent any injuries throughout the rest of class as it engages key muscle groups and targets specific parts of the body.


The warm up will be followed by some guided improv, which will enable students to move freely within a given framework. Improv is used to allow each student to find their own movement and understand how their bodies move organically, before learning choreography that may not be as natural to them. This improv exercise will be beneficial for students when performing the new choreography as they will learn the movement and then can add their own "flavor" to it.


Elodie's choreography is a fusion of street styles (street jazz, footwork) with a contemporary base and floorwork technique. One of the main components of her choreography is musicality. The movement is designed to "see" the music using a full range of motion, including some intricacies, in order to find the dynamics and textures in the music. While the choreography is prepared beforehand, each class is specifically catered to the students present in the room, creating a personal and distinct experience in every class. The main goal of class is to create a shared space where everyone is able to not only learn, but also move in total freedom and enjoy dancing. 

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