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Eskilllz • jerZ

Elijah Carr also known as Eskilllz , has been dancing for 11 years in multiple styles such as house, hip-hop and Jersey club - as well as a painter and movement artist. Born in Jersey, Eskilllz affiliation with the Jersey club culture runs deep ,as it is his livelihood and main focus of elevating the dance movement. The creator of ‘SKILLLZ HOUSE’ invites a more intricate method of teaching the jersey club dance style and it’s foundations. While also branching out connections outside of the state New Jersey , he has well strong connections to big jersey scenes and big jersey artists alike. Eskilllz is ready to bring the rooted community to you.’

Class Description

Learn the jerZ style fundamentals through careful, routines, drills, and activities that create the necessary atmosphere of what it is to be a part of the jersey dance culture and freestyle aspects. Get ready to sweat!


Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Classes 

Open jerZ (Jersey Club Dance)

Saturday 5:45-7:15pm (Starts 1/7)

Available In Person or Online

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