Daniel E. Kelley III aka "Future"

Wavin' and House Dance

Daniel was born on October 25, 1969 and raised in the “Boogie Down Bronx," New York City. He began his pursuit of street dance in the 80's with a hip-hop style known as Electric Boogie at the age of ten in his neighborhood and at school gatherings. He trained under pioneers such as Ol’ School Maurice, Fury, Louie New-wave and Lil Shake. At the age of sixteen, he was introduced to the club styles of House after going to clubs in Manhattan. Having mastered the Hip-hop and House styles, he began to showcase his ability to freestyle in the most challenging form known to the street dancer as “The Circle.”

     In addition to dance, Daniel trained in martial arts with Grandmaster Shihan Dai Rai Noh of the Ketsu-Rai Blackwinds Association. This duality helped him to fuse his soulfulness with a unique control of his movements giving him an edge over the dancers who only knew how to improvise to beats. After finishing school, he began to work and perform for many different companies. He is well-known throughout the dance community for his unique style of dance fusing Hip Hop, House, martial arts, known as "HOUSE WAVING". 

    In 2007, he became the first House Dance International (World Premier Urban Dance Festival) champion in the Experimental category and won again in 2008. In late summer/fall of 2007, Mamiko Shimura (CEO) and Future "Ninja" (A.D.) created a company called F.U.S.E. Dance, LLC. Since then Future has moved to new interests and is now the founder of "ELEMENTS OF FUTURE" (E.O.F.nyc, Inc., 5/2010). Its purpose, amongst many, is to help people become "individuals" in the dance world by providing a "free soul" environment in which to do so – NO EGOS! E.O.F. has also been able to bring together a collective of internationally, well-known dancers, choreographers, historians and performers. He is currently a member of “Full Circle Productions," a New York hip-hop dance theater company and the world- renowned fashion, dance, and performance group, the “House of Ninja.” Since January 2008, Future has toured other countries sharing his spiritual dance experiences with a philosophical approach called "ZEN CHI PHILOSOPHY". The TEMPLE of ZEN CHI is a movement manifested by the practitioner to attain enlightenment in ALL things – soul, spirit, SELF, dance, and LIFE!  His travels have brought him to California, Japan, the Czech Republic, England, Germany, and Montreal, Canada. He continues God's mission in dance to inspire many to "FREE THEIR MIND, BODY & SOUL" and know that "they are light!"


Class Description

1. Philosophy (Brief lecture)

• What is "zen-chi?"
• The "Meta-Physics" (mind state) of a wave and its association with the    aquatic life.

This is accompanied by music for musicality, house and hip-hop. Your first lesson is to listen, to understand yourself and your connection to the music.


2. Mind/Body Preparation

• Internal Qi-Gong breathing/meditation and stretching

This may sometimes include "KETSU-RAI" blocking systems and stances, a form of martial arts.


3. Blueprint Mechanics

• A breakdown of a wave and various concepts or styles of waving using motion study

This includes understanding HOW to wave through the body – hands, head to toe, toe to hands, etc.


4. Wave Theory

• Tell a story with your wave and its use by adding elements of freestyle

Making sense of/with your wave and the importance of continuity using motion study 


5. Application

Utilizing what we have shared and experimenting wavestyle movements using hip-hop or house music


6. Taking our energy back

Ending the class with brief internal QI-GONG breathing/meditation to return to "everyday thoughts."


Guest Faculty

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