PMT and NYC Instructors !! In this difficult time after hurricane disasters, help is still needed! PMT Dance Studio is introducing a special program that will allow NYC dance/fitness Instructors to help charities that support victims of hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico. 

Teach a  charity dance/fitness class that will support charities helping hurricane victims in Puerto Rico:

  • To be considered for our Help Puerto Rico Program, please fill out an APPLICATION FORM.

  • The goal is to raise at least $200 from each class with a drop-in rate of $17 per student. If the goal is not reached, the teacher will split the difference with PMT Dance Studio to meet the minimum $200 donation per class.

  • PMT Dance studio offers free of charge space to hold the class. NOTE: Weekday evenings are not available due to our existing class schedule. To check availability call 212-924-5694 or e-mail

  • PMT Dance Studio and  the teacher will not collect payment for classes in the Help Puerto Rico Program.

  • 100% of proceeds goes towards charities helping Puerto Rico.

  • Applicants must have NYC teaching experience of at least 1 year.

  • No tap dance classes allowed.

  • Teachers are responsible for providing whatever is needed for their class - instrumentalists, props, etc.  

  • Applicants must submit resume with the application form.