The Inhumanoids are a New York based dance group originally formed in 2004 by Qiniso “Dr. Kraawl” Mdladla, Allen “Anim-AL” Williams, and Francis “Mysterio” Rodriguez. The group expanded in 2007, adding members Brian “Booga-B” Redondo, Racim, Timothy Fung, Kaseem “Poppi Shampoo” Bristow, and Chijioke “Chill” Okeke. Learning from legendary street dancers such as Jazzy J, Mr. Wiggles, and Boppin Andre, the group has studied the funk styles of street dance including robot, hitting, waving, tutting, boogaloo, floating, stop motion animation, strutting, etc.  With each member specializing in their own unique way of movement, the group has performed both locally and abroad and has racked up several victories and finals/semifinals appearances in popping competitions throughout the East Coast.  In addition to competing and performing, the group currently hosts New York City's Popshop, an open weekly practice session for all poppers/dancers to come together, exchange, and learn. The Inhumanoids are committed to preserving the popping dance culture and its history, while also pushing boundaries and constantly evolving. The group’s members, originating from diverse cultural backgrounds themselves, are united by their love for dance and their philosophy of creating unique forms of expression through dance.


Class Description:

Introduction to Popping Styles.  This beginner level class helps students to develop their own unique expression of dance through the use of fundamental elements of popping styles such as: hitting, dime stop, robot, waving, ticking, tutting, footwork, Fillmore, floating, and many others.  Through fun and interactive exercises, the class will emphasize grooving, musicality, improvisation, technique, and self-expression.  Students will be shown how to apply these concepts with the foundational styles to eventually develop their own unique way of moving and become well-rounded freestyle dancers. The historical and cultural context of popping will also be discussed.     This class is unique in that it is taught by multiple members of the Inhumanoids; students will benefit from each member's individual knowledge and expertise. Students are also encouraged to attend Popshop, open practice sessions at PMT hosted by the Inhumanoids, as well as local dance parties to enhance their learning experience and truly engage in the popping culture.

Teaching Schedule
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