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Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Class

(Available In Person Only)

Advanced Heel Intensive Vogue:

Monday 7:35 - 9:05pm 

Beg. Voguing:

Thursday 7:35 - 9:05pm 

Justin Gomez, also known as Legendary Monster is recognized in Ballroom for Dramatics Vogue Fem. After almost 21 years in Ballroom, he traveled to Russia, Denmark, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Paris as a professional vogue coach and choreographer. He put his passion for dance into his favorite hobbies, such as cooking, designing clothes, and photography.

To Legendary Monster, dancing is not just dancing. It’s much more than that. He took dance as my escape from the struggles he dealt with growing up, so every time he dances he feels like he is free and all his troubles & pain disappear.

Ballroom is his lifestyle, it is a part of him, and now his job is to teach his style and history correctly, to strengthen the community, and leave his legacy. 


Class Description:

Beginners Vogue Fem involves learning all the elements of vogue the basic movements & counts. Teaching you the rules & history of ballroom culture of Legendary Monster's community he has been with for years now - Which is a life style not something you can just pick up and do for fun or use as a workout! 

Teaching you from All Levels & intensive levels, choreography, combinations, games, heels as well to get your femininity out & in touch with. You’ll be able to express yourself fully through the steps of Voguing Fem. also be able to build your confidence.  There’s so much more I do in my classes and making sure there fun to come back each week for the students & having them want more.  

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