Peniel Guerrier began his formal dance training in 1987. Hervé Maxi, the most prestigious teacher in Haiti, was impressed with his dancing and invited Peniel to study in his school. Subsequently Peniel danced with the National Dance Theatre for 8 years and toured all over the world: Venezuela, Paris, Hungary, Japan, Montreal, Germany, Santo Domingo, and the United States. During this time he also toured with the Baccoulou Dance Company.


Peniel pursued his studies at Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENARTS) and researched Haitian folkloric traditions at Lakou Soukrie, Danache, Lakou Souvenance, and Badjo. 


While in Haiti, Peniel taught at the National Dance Theatre of Haiti and ENARTS. He moved to the United States and currently teaches three classes per week at Djoniba Dance and Drum Center in New York City. He also teaches at Connecticut Ballet Center, Stamford, CT; Wellesley College, Boston, MA; and Dance Forum Studio, NYC. He is a guest artist at Smith College, Mt. Holyoke College, Greenfield Community College, Amherst College, and Brown University. He is also Artistic Director of the Tamboulà Dance Company.


As a teacher, choreographer, and performer, my vision has different aspects; but the most important is to establish and extend the Haitian folkloric structure and technique.


Class Description

Haiti, the second independent republic in the Americas, partakes of three cultural sources: African, American, and European. The dances and culture of Haiti have been extremely important in the development of American dance, thanks to the pioneering work of Katherine Dunham. Peniel Guerrier draws on his extensive knowledge of Haitian folkloric dance to create original combinations within the different traditional Haitian rhythms. His dances enhance the energy and flow of traditional forms with beautiful, vivid body shapes. 


Peniel is highly regarded as a teacher because of his thoroughness, his kindness, and the individual attention he gives to students of all level.

Peniel's Teaching Schedule

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