Performance workshops (Spring, Summer and Fall Season) are 8-10 week consecutive classes that culminate in a final performance.Students of various levels will be able to gain valuable experience in our nationally reviewed, professional stage productions. Students will perform in elaborate dance pieces with props, costumes, and/or stage effects alongside our professional dancers in front of hundreds of people. 


Many of our students have used our showcases to go on and join professional dance companies, perform at bigger venues, and further their careers. In addition to weekly instruction, students are given personalized attention with free extra practice sessions when available. 



Note: Students do not have to place in Beginner Performance Workshops.


Students must place into non-Beginner Performance Workshops. This is done so that all spots go to qualified dancers. We want to be sure that our students have a smooth dance experience and that they understand what will be asked of them before committing their time and money. 


The first day of the workshop will act as a day to assess level placement in addition to a class day. Each teacher reserves the right to place students as they see fit. Students are responsible for making sure they meet the level requirement of the class. Please feel free to email questions at

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