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PMT brings back this amazing opportunity to perform at a Halftime Show for NY Liberty!

Train with professionals and take your dance ability to the next level! 


Intermediate/Advanced Choreography Performance Intensive

with Bo Belza


Sundays 7:00 - 9:00pm

Duration: 7/7/2024 - 8/18/2024

Performance Date: Thursday, 8/22/2024 

Location: Barclays Center - 620 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Call time: 6:00pm

Game Time: 7:00pm


Additional Rehearsals may be scheduled in addition to this schedule (as needed). There is no additional cost for extra rehearsals scheduled by the choreographer.



Must place (by meeting level requirements) before enrolling. Students can place the following ways:


  • By attending Bo's drop-in class offered every Thursday 6:00 - 7:30pm and receiving the OK to join this Intensive. Upon check in, please let the front desk staff know you are looking to place. You may also let the teacher know.

  • You may also ask Bo for a placement assessment if you are currently enrolled in his Spring Performance Intensive.

  • Those who participated in 2023's PMT at Barclays Performance Intensive are automatically qualified.

  • Those who have been a part of our Professional Training Program of Junior Company Program I within the past year.

  • Those who have been placed on the exemption list by our artistic management team or choreographer.


$275.00 - Regular price

What's Included:

  • 14 hours of rehearsal time (minimum) plus one (1 hour) dress rehearsal).

  • Halftime show performance headlining with our professionals in PMT Dance Company .

  • Professional footage, including the Jumbotron footage, from the show!

  • One ticket to watch the game (for performers only).

  • Discounted tickets for your friends to attend.



1- Send enrollment fee to @pmtdancestudio.

2- Email with your name, phone number, email address and the name of the workshop


1- Call 212-924-5694

2- Have a valid credit card ready to make your purchase. Expect to receive a confirmation via email within 24 hours.


1- Enroll at the front desk.


When enrolling, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully before enrolling.

  • All purchases are non-refundable unless the class is canceled by PMT House of Dance. Once an intensive begins OR the intensive is full, enrollment fees are non-transferable. Otherwise, a credit can be issued for future use if the customer cancels their enrollment at least 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop.

  • Number of classes: Over the course of the workshop, classes may be canceled due to holidays or unforeseen events. A minimum of 16 class hours are guaranteed. However, workshops often far exceed this minimum. At this time, there is no scheduled class on 7/5/2023. 

  • Missed or lost classes cannot be redeemed, exchanged or refunded. It is the student's responsibility to attend classes and make arrangements to make up missed material.

  • The teacher reserves the right to expel a student from a workshop if they do not meet the rules of etiquette, level expectation or attendance requirements set forth by the teacher or by PMT House of Dance.

  • Performance is mandatory.

  • Students will be allowed to enter class only after their registration is completed and their workshop(s) is paid for completely.


    Prior to enrolling, the student must place into the Intensive. This means the student must either receive written permission from the choreographer to join or attend the choreographer's drop in class and ask for an evaluation by attending this teacher's drop in class(es). To do the latter option, please email us at for instructions. Additionally, the first day of the workshop may act as an additional day to assess level placement in. Each teacher reserves the right to place students as they see fit. Students are responsible for making sure they meet the level requirement of the class throughout the duration of the Intensive. If a teacher requires extra rehearsals to meet the performance goal, you are obligated to meet that performance goal and any rehearsals deemed necessary by the teacher.  If after the FIRST DAY the teacher (not the student) assesses that the student does not meet the level requirement for the performance workshop, you will be charged the pro-rated amount for a single class and CREDITED for the remaining difference.  This credit may be applied to another workshop or any other purchase here at PMT and it does not expire.  We strongly advise all students to make sure they meet the level requirement.  3-5 years, minimum experience, is recommended. Please email with any additional questions.  

  • If you enroll prior to placing, and you do not place, the enrollment fee will be credited back to your account - good toward future use, only. There are no refunds.

  • All students will be asked to sign a waiver of liability. Students shall indemnify PMT House of Dance, their partners, teachers, staff, contracted workers and subsidiaries from any liabilities or loss, either physical, property, personal or otherwise. All students are attending rehearsals and performing at their own risk and in accordance with schedule provided to them by PMT House of Dance herein and/or via email correspondence or written material(s). 

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