1. Create a Glofox account.

2. Make a purchase under 'Memberships'

3. Apply that purchase to a class.

If you do not follow these steps in order, you will receive a message saying you are 'ineligible.'

For detailed enrollment instructions, CLICK HERE.

MANAGE YOUR SCHEDULE! Students are required to manage their schedules - including waitlisted classes they are enrolled in. Please be courteous to other students and your teachers and manage your schedule so open spots can be utilized.

Cancellation notice. 1 hour notice is required for cancellation of class appointments. Within 1 hour, students will be responsible for the class. No late fees will be assessed for late cancellations but students will lose a class credit when they do not cancel with the proper notice. 

Walk-Ons permitted! You are welcome to walk on and sign up for a class on this spot. However, we recommend signing up ahead of time to save time on entry and secure your spot as some classes do fill up.

Lateness Policy. A grace period of 20 minutes is provided for late entry. After that, students will not be able to attend class and no refund shall be provided. This is to ensure the safety of all students and to maintain proper etiquette and reverence for the classroom. 

All purchases are non-refundable, including purchases made for waitlist, unless the class is canceled.

Buy a single class,

class card or membership

(STEP 2)

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Enroll HERE

(STEP 3)

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You must make a purchase first & then apply the credits from the purchase to a class.

If you do not, you will receive a message saying you are 'INELIGIBLE'.

Sign Up for Glofox

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