Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Class

Beg. Voguing - Thursday 7:00 - 8:30pm 

Performance Workshops

FALL 2019

Adv. Beg. Voguing

Wednesday 6:00 - 7:30 pm (8 weeks)

Start Date: 9/25/2019

Performance Date: 12/1

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Born and raised in NYC, Justin Torres began his dance training at Peridance Capezio Center as a member of their teen youth ensemble. Training regularly in ballet, modern, and contemporary dance this program allowed for Justin to perform works by numerous choreographers in concert stages throughout the city. Justin began voguing after joining the “House of Amazon” under the guidance of his house mother Leiomy Maldonado. Specializing in the style of vogue femme. It is in this house that his persona “Amazon Tinkerbell” was birthed. Justin began walking balls and performing throughout the city as Amazon Tinkerbell. Along with performing, Justin also had the opportunity to work in media as a model/dancer. Notable credits including Vogue.com, I-D magazine, and W Magazine. Justin continues to perform and walk balls as Amazon Tinkerbell to this day. 


Class Description:


Beginner Vogue Femme 


The goal of this beginner vogue femme class is to provide students with a clear fundamental understanding of the 5 elements of Voguing femme (hand performance, catwalk, duckwalk, spins/dips, and floor performance). Students can expect to learn the basic foundation of these elements along with knowledge of how vogue femme applies to the overall ballroom community.