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Vivake Khamsingsavath (Vive) is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a versatile mover and creator, focusing on contemporary, jazz and hip hop, oftentimes fusing these styles together organic to his movement. Vive has danced for respected choreographers such Derek Mitchell, Yung-Li, Mark Caserta, Liz Piccoli, Stephanie Klemons and with many companies including ALMA NYC, Touch Performance Art, Jazz Roots, and Gotham Dance Theater. He has performed at Lincoln Center, Broadway at Bryant Park, Fashion week in NYC, on The Today Show, The View and Good Morning America. Vive was able to tour Europe and Asia with modern company Galumpha based in upstate NY before moving to NYC.


Vive has worked earnestly to find his own voice as a teacher and choreographer, and has taught at numerous studios and universities, including Peridance, House of Movement, Icon Dance Complex, Astoria Fine Arts, Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Fredonia and The New School. He presents work under his company Viveforlove, always inviting new artists to create and learn his choreographic process. Vive has been able to give hundreds of artists a platform to perform in NYC including events at The United Nations, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, several showcases such as Christopher Palacio Rooftop, The Intimate Series, Conkrete Jungle, and Launch by GDT.


As an artist Vive is interested in sharing his passion for dance, humanity and the relationships between each other. He is open to working with new artists in order to always inspire one another. Vive also serves as supervising teacher at Dance United, a company whose sole purpose is to bring dance and arts into underserved public schools in NYC. 

Class description 


Vive creates a welcoming and nurturing learning environment for all students regardless of level. It is challenging yet instruction is carefully given to ensure understanding of movement and technique. His contemporary class is based on a technical warm up founded in ballet, jazz and modern elements. This is important so students at all levels are properly aware of their body and foundational movement skills. There is section of class consisting of guided improv, which allows the student to freely move, at the same time connecting to concepts and ideas thematic to the given class. Lastly, Vive will explore choreography for a large part of the class in which the student can demonstrate technique, and also different movement, shapes and textures. Vive's choreographic style is a fusion of hip hop, jazz and ballet, which encompasses a contemporary outlook. Musicality is a huge component in choreography, students will be able to listen to music in more depth through the movement. Each class is unique to the energy of the students and concepts for the day, ultimately Vive always aims to establish a connection with his students and their passion for dance.


Teaching Schedule

Online Classes

Open Contemporary Concept Video Workshop

Wednesday 4:30 - 6:00pm

8 Class Intensive

Starts: 5/13