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WaAaKOne picked up all the aspects, elements, and life lessons of growing up in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn and molded himself into a highly respected hip-hop icon. A born b-boy raised in the hip-hop culture, WaAaKOne first made his way Straight To Fame through the element of hip-hop known as graffiti. WaAaK eventually learned to break from writers in his school named Cleve and Ink2. In 1996, WaAaK and a few other friends decided to form their own crew, Breaks Kru. Today, with thirteen years of crew representation under his belt, he not only is a role model to many people in the b-boy scene and within his own crew, but is also one of the leading forces in all the crew's accomplishments. The list of WaAaK's travels and accomplishments is long but the essence of everything he's done while consciously keeping the true meaning of hip-hop alive is incomparable to what many of today's icons do. WAaAKOne has performed and taught the hip-hop culture throughout New York as well as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Martinique and Canada. He has performed and competed in battles nations-wide and is always seen as a contender in any event he sets foot in. He has solid references from such people as longtime icons NYC Lase and Ken Swift who support his endeavors and recruit him for new and exciting projects. His accomplishments would not be complete without mentioning his position at El Puente Leadership for Peace & Justice, a human rights organization in Brooklyn where he is a Hip-Hop Facilitator and a planner for their annual Hip-Hop Showcase. A tireless activist for the advancement of the hip-hop culture, WaAaK works to succeed where the early hip-hop pioneers have failed in defining, portraying, and representing the hip-hop culture accurately. He continues to push Breaks Kru in a clean direction as he participates in projects and missions with the crew. As WaAaK travels the world he is surprised and happy to hear that people have recognized him and the crew he helped build since 1996. He will forever pass on the knowledge that was taught to him as he strives to be comfortable not only with his personal life but his life within the hip-hop culture.


Class Description

This workshop will focus on musicality, tops and drops using transitions within the bboy realm. We will be switching levels from top to bottom. Students are expected to learn how to work with the music and express themselves with great rhythm.

WaAak's Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Classes

Fundamentals of Breaking

                  Tuesday 8:00 - 9:30 pm 

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