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COVID-19 Community Support & Fundraising

For information on our policies, hours of operation and general response: CLICK HERE

In this difficult time, many elements of the arts community - from teachers, choreographers, dancers to students - will need to come together to support one another.  We want to do our part in finding purpose through this shared adversity.


Supporting one another will ensure that the communities, businesses and artists we enjoyed before this crisis hit will still thrive after all is said and done.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left entire communities in a cloud uncertainty. With arts world at a stand still,  artists are left wondering how, and when, they will get their next paycheck.  For millions of us, anxiety builds with each passing day as we struggle to figure out how we will survive in this new reality.


Support our artists.   Many of our teachers rely heavily on their classes and the other opportunities PMT offers. The GoFundMe we have set up will go DIRECTLY to your favorite teachers and artists at PMT.  PMT House of Dance will not receive a penny from the donations.  This is for our artists and for our community. 

Policy on Refunds

All Purchases made are non-refundable.  Redemption of purchases are contingent upon re-open.  Stay posted for more information as this is a fast evolving situation.

GoFundMe shall be monitored by a third party and distributed equally among participating faculty members.

Questions?  Contact us: 212-924-5694 or



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