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Background with pictures from classes. White capital letters on top that read: PMT TRAINING PROGRAM

Now taking enrollment for June 2024 and beyond!

We are excited to introduce PMT's Training Program! Under the guidance of our award winning faculty, students with higher aspirations in dance - including professional ones - will have access to a program that offers both the skills and industry knowledge to succeed. Trainees can train to:

  • Dance & Perform Professionally

  • Teach 

  • Be a Creator or Choreographer

  • Be an Arts Administrator or Entrepreneur


This is a multi-disciplinary program that emphasizes diversity in training. Trainees will be able to rehearse and train for professional productions while having access to select classes only available to our trainees. Flexible plans with no pretense offer accessible, affordable options. Here's what you receive with your enrollment:

Black and white image of a male lifting a woman. He head tilted back, one leg bend and one straight

1. UNLIMITED Drop In Classes a month

2. Discounts to Performance Intensives

3. Special Company Classes exclusive to trainees

4. Creative Training Sessions to bring out a trainee's ability to improv or create work.

5. Free Space and Resources for rehearsal, work creation and self-taping.

6. Multifaceted Mentorship/Apprenticeship Program.

Receive a mentor you can directly consult with. Under the tutelage of a working professional you can create your own work, apprentice to teach or learn about arts administration, as well as intern in entrepreneurships. You can also partake in professional projects.

7. Mental health support to help manage the challenges of being a dancer.

8. Career Building Sessions including mock auditions, resume/portfolio building seminars along with branding sessions.

9. Customized Curriculums provided to help trainees reach their specific goals with consideration to the needs of the dancer.

10. Receive priority consideration toward a professional position whether it be performance, choreography or teaching!


12 TOTAL hours per week required for all trainees.

All students must take all trainee classes listed below plus  Drop In Classes or Performance Intensives to meet the weekly 12 hour weekly minimum.

Flexible Scheduling: If students cannot attend one of the below sessions, please contact Pavan or Mica to schedule alternatives. We will try our best accommodate requests.  Alternative scheduling is subject to approval and availability. 

Career and Wellness Sessions:

Tuesday 8:15-9:15pm

Company Master Class:

Friday 4:30-6:00pm 

Creative Session:

Tuesday 8:00-9:30pm



Trainees have the option to focus their studies in several different areas, create & present work, and rehearse with our professional company.

Mentorship/Apprenticeship Programs

This is eligible for 3 or 6 month enrollees, only. Trainees may choose up to 2 mentorship/apprenticeships with a faculty member to develop their skills as a teacher, creator/choreographer or arts administration & business entrepreneur. This will diversify a trainees ability to grow as an artist while providing the tools to establish a stable career in our industry. This program is subject to availability and approval.


If you have a teacher you would like to Mentor with, please contact Pavan or Mica once you have admission into the program to receive the application for apprenticeship. Mentors may also be recommended or assigned based on assessment and needs.

Company Production Participation

This is eligible for 3 or 6 month enrollees, only. Select students will be able to rehearse with our professional company as we prepare for shows and productions. This will give the student insight on the professional process and on roads toward professional opportunities.


Performance Projects

This is eligible for 3 or 6 month enrollees, only. Students enrolled in one month may be able to participate in a limited fashion but shall not be eligible to perform. Performance projects vary from in studio, stage and concept video opportunities as part of the Creative Sessions.




Step 1 - Requirements

Students will be evaluated on their proficiency and potential in Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary. While a student may be stronger in a given style, we will look for applicants to show aptitude in all of the styles and related genres.


Step 2 - Submission and Approval guidelines:

All students must place into this program. To do so, you have several options:


1. Send a video of you performing in at least 2 of the following styles: Jazz, Hip Hop/Street Styles or Contemporary. The video should be no longer than 4 minutes in total length. Must be a good quality video, unfiltered and unedited, showing your entire body throughout. 


2. Attend an Intermediate or Advanced level drop in class. Please email us to have someone present to evaluate you. You must attend 2 of the following styles: Jazz, Hip Hop/Street Styles or Contemporary. Drop In classes fees apply.


3. Have two PMT faculty members write a written recommendation for you to join. This must be provided by the teachers themselves, via email correspondence, to A printed letter with their signature is also acceptable. This method may require additional supporting materials.

Submission Deadlines: 

Any submission to join, whether it be via video, recommendations or live submission, must be received at least

7 days prior to the start of a month for the applicant to be eligible to join the program in said month.

Admission Approval:

Prior to approval an interview will be scheduled with the trainee and administrators directing the program. After this interview is completed, approval must be given to the applicant at least 7 days prior to a month for the applicant to be eligible to join the program in said month. The applicant has up to 3 months from the date of approval to join a program. Whatever month/enrollment period the applicant decides to enroll, they must enroll with at least 7 days' advance notice of a given month. Their entry is subject to availability (of spots in the program). Admission into the program is complete only once written approval from PMT Management is given and payment for enrollment is complete.


Enrollment Periods & Renewal:

Enrollment periods start on the 1st of each month and ends once tuition has concluded. Thus, a trainee can start their tenure at the start of a given month and renew for a maximum of 6 months at a time. Renewal is contingent upon approval from PMT Management. Renewal requests must be received at least 7 days prior to a given month. 

Step 3 - Registration

If admitted, a response will be provided prior to the start of an enrollment period. Once admitted, you will have the following options for enrollment:


One Month: $275.00

3 Months: $675.00

6 months: $1200.00


Age and Status Eligibility

To enroll, students must meet certain basic requirements:


  1. Must be at least 18 years old.

  2. Open to all persons regardless of Visa status or residency.


Scholarship Eligibility

Students who show extraordinary potential may be awarded half or full scholarships. A limit of 3 such active scholarships is available at any given time. Scholarships are awarded based on merit.



Requirements and Expectations

All students will be held to the same accountability we hold our own professionals. We want our trainees to be the leaders of our dance community. As such, those selected in the trainee program will have to meet and maintain the following:


1. Must take the Company Class, the Career Wellness Session and at least ONE of the Creative Sessions plus whatever number of drop in classes are required to meet the 12 hour per week minimum.

2. Of the drop in classes, a minimum of 3 recommended drop in classes (usually of a higher level) must be attended.

3. Trainees must commit to the custom schedules assigned to them. This will be made in consultation with them.

4. Must be able to meet time commitment and program expectations.


When enrollng, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully before enrolling.

  • All purchases are non-refundable.  

  • Enrollment periods begin at the start of each month and conclude when the trainee does not renew their enrollment or they are not approved for renewal.

  • ·21 Drop In Classes, per month, are provided as part of your enrollment. Unused classes cannot be transferred or saved for future use and shall expire if unutilized. No portion of your enrollment shall be used to anyone except the trainee. 

  • Intention to renew must be provided at least 7 days prior to the start of an enrollment period. A student can renew up to 6 months provided they are given approval.

  • Failure to meet any requirements shall be grounds to dismiss the student from the trainee program without refund. This includes, but is not limited to, failure to meet attendance requirements, failure to fully participate in classes or other required elements of the program or behavior detrimental to other students or PMT House of Dance for which PMT Management is the sole judge.

  • Benefit terms. Benefits like free classes and discounts to performance intensives require enrollment in the Trainee Program through the conclusion of any added commitments (ie – a performance intensives). Benefits conclude upon the conclusion of your enrollment in this program. Benefits may be suspended or forfeited if the trainee is unable to meet their requirements as a trainee.

  • Free space. This is provided for trainee goals, professional development, self-tapes, performance projects or other trainee related programs. Free space allocation must be approved and is subject to studio rental policy. Unapproved space use shall not be provided for free.

  • Missed or lost classes cannot be redeemed, exchanged or refunded. It is the student's responsibility to attend classes and make arrangements to make up missed material.

  • Students will be allowed to enter class only after their registration is completed and their workshop(s) is paid for completely.

  • All students will be asked to sign a waiver of liability. Students shall indemnify PMT House of Dance, their partners, teachers, staff, contracted workers and subsidiaries from any liabilities or loss, either physical, property, personal or otherwise. All students are attending classes/rehearsals and performing at their own risk and in accordance with the schedule provided to them by PMT House of Dance herein and/or via email correspondence or written material(s). 

  • If a student contracts COVID-19, they may be permitted to learn the material remotely until they are able to perform COVID-19 free. This requires both teacher and PMT Management written consent. Please inquire for more details.

  • Times of Training Program classes are subject to change with 3 days’ notice. If the student is unable to attend as a result, then a alternative will be arranged to meet hours requirements.

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