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Since 2001, Director Pavan Thimmaiah, preferred to by NBC's 'Today Show' as a 'Celebrity Choreographer', and PMT Dance Studio have been offering private lessons to students of all ages and levels. His knowledge of the Street Styles has lead him to be one of NYC's leading educators in Hip Hop as evidenced by appointments at NYU, New School University, UCI and F&M University.

His experience in the industry, cultivating dance works to his own original music, gives him unique experience in partnering work that is flexible to different music and style elements.


One-on-one or one-on-two private lessons give students more personalized attention and lesson plans to suit their specific goals and needs.  


Check out the packages and testimonials below!

All lessons are 1 hour in length. Prices include space rental costs. Weekend lessons
For kids 12 and younger, lessons are 45 minutes long and one student is allowed at a time.  Parents shall be asked to wait outside until the end of the lesson.

Private Lesson Rates:

  1 lesson   ............................. $130.00    

  5 lessons  ..........................   $550.00   

10 lessons  ...........................  $1000.00     

20 lessons  ...........................  $1900.00

Private Lessons with Pavan Thimmaiah

Pavan and his staff have specialized in giving privates to students of all levels for the following areas:


  • Social Dancing (how to dance when you go out)

  • Hip Hop

  • Breakin'

  • Weddings

  • Shuffling

  • Michael Jackson

  • James Brown

  • Complete Beginners

Kaitlin and John - My Today Show Wedding Winners - Performing their first dance live on NBC - choreographed by Pavan Thimmaiah



  • Making a Reservation.  All private lessons take place at PMT Dance Studio. Scheduling of the lesson is to be made on the convenience of the student and the teacher. To schedule a private, you can call 212-924-5694 or email, Attn: Pavan.  Payment will be due upon making your appointment or upon scheduling your lesson.   Walk on payments for private lessons are not permitted. All lessons must be paid in full before it is confirmed. Scheduling is subject to availability, so please schedule early!  A confirmation shall be sent via email within 24 hours of booking the private (or sooner should your appointment be coming up closer). 

  • Cancellation Policy. To cancel without being charged, you must provide at least 72 hours notice. If you cancel with at least 24 hours notice, you will only be charged $15.00 for the space rental fees. If you cancel with less than 24 hours to your appointment, you will be charged the full amount for the private lesson. All private lessons are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

  • Expiration. Private lesson packages expire 18 months from the date of purchase.

  • Weekends. Rates are 1.5 times the normal rate per 1 hour of class.  

  • Travel: One hour of private lesson, corresponding to the package purchased

  • Number of Students: For wedding dances, 2 students are permitted.  For all other private lessons, an fee of $65.00 applies to each additional student - limit 3 students.



Alex Feder (Recording Artist) - At the risk of sounding cliché, working with Pavan has entirely transformed and enhanced not only my abilities as a performer, but the way I view performing itself.  In addition to being well versed as a dancer and able to help me with virtually anything I ask for, his indepth understanding of what makes a performance and performer captivating -- and his ability to communicate that understanding -- has taken me from being a dance novice wanting to learn some fancy footwork (which he can teach with ease) and put me on the path to becoming a focused performer.  He can teach not only the vocabulary of dancing and performing, but more importantly the language itself. 


Matt Palmer (Recording Artist) - Working with Pavan has really brought my performance ability to the next level!  I've been singing and songwriting my whole life, but bringing in bits of choreography has improved my stage presence infinitely. I can't thank him enough!


Carina (London) - I recently hired Pavan from PMT dance studio to teach a class at a corporate event. He was not only a fantastic dancer and teacher but a great guy! We all had a FANTASTIC time and those participating could not stop saying how much they enjoyed themselves and how great they thought he was. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I would recommend him to anyone.


Cali (Bride) -I purchased a 10-lesson dance package from PMT so my husband and I could prepare for our first dance at our wedding. We worked with Pavan and 10 lessons turned into 20 and he choreographed an amazing wedding dance for us! My husband and I are not the dancing type and I never imagined the experience would go in this direction. The dance lessons were a welcomed break during the planning period and allowed for us to have date nights (we met for a drink before each lesson). The entire staff at the studio was friendly and enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.  Pavan helped us create a first dance that was fun and upbeat without being overly formal. He helped with the music selection and edited our song so the timing fit our needs.  He was extremely flexible and accommodating to our schedules and let us use the studio to practice a bit towards the end. I highly recommend PMT to anyone looking to do a little something special for their first dance!


Leo & Becky (Wedding Couple) - Pavan was an amazing instructor - creative, patient, and passionate. He choreographed our first dance to be challenging and memorable, despite neither of us having any dance background. We really looked forward to practices, and our friends and family loved our dance!


David Monash - Pavan is the BEST!  His passionate love for dance and music shines right through his classes and he is able to make me feel the same about what he is teaching.  But the best thing about him is the care and patience Pavan demonstrates in sharing his abilities with his students.  He not only taught me the basics of dance but also that of listening to music.  Having said that, what also impressed me about Pavan is his focused attention on me during the class.  There is no fooling around with him…I highly recommend Pavan.  The dance studios are also very cool.  Just the way a NYC dance should be.  Large, airy and with lots of mirrors. 


Vibha Joshi (Doctor) - Pavan is one of the most talented dancers and teachers that I have had the pleasure of working with. His ability to break down the most complex dance moves in conjunction with his passion for teaching has made taking lessons with him an enjoyable and irreplaceable experience. I have learnt so much from him over the years, and he has helped me grow so much as a dancer. Before, I was someone who had trouble learning basic choreography, but thanks to him I have progressed greatly, and last fall I participated in the PMT Showcase that his studio puts together - something which I always wanted to do, but never thought I could.  I would encourage anyone interested in working with him to do so because Pavan always puts his best foot forward when teaching his students. His patience, love for teaching, and his desire for his students to succeed sets him apart. Not only will you have so much fun taking lessons with him, but you will learn a great deal while doing so. 


Alexis Miller (Actress/TV personality) - Pavan is without a doubt the best dance teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  He is a natural teacher, demands respect for the craft, but is very encouraging of dancers at all levels.  He is able to find a perfect balance between teacher and professional dancer that so many other dance teachers are lacking.  He makes the student feel comfortable and nurtures fun learning environment.  He is able to adapt to any skill level and create growth for his students.  Pavan is very professional, reliable, and talented and I would jump at the chance to work with him on any project.


Marie Davis (Professional Dancer) - It's always cool working with you as a person and as a choreographer, I enjoy learning new tricks that about 3 years ago I never thought I would be doing. When I first started taking class with you, I was seriously considering giving up dancing because I was in this messed up company where the artistic director told me I sucked everyday. You saved my dance life dude. That's pretty cool. Because of that, aside from my many thanks, I'll have your six.


Melanie & David (Wedding Couple) - "Just wanted to say a quick thank you for helping us become pro dancers for our wedding! The waltz went off without a hitch and our friends and fam were def impressed with our turn and dip. David tore up the dance floor all night, as did I, and we had a great time.  Thanks for the moves!"


Rudy - Everyone had an outstanding time!  We were very happy with how much Pavan was able to cover in such a short time -  And we were very impressed with his ability to teach to a group with such a mixed range of dance experience. 


Rachel - That was such a great class! Thanks so much for making the birthday surprise for Sarah so awesome. You made it so fun and accessible for all of us in our various levels of abilities. :-) I will definitely pass your name along to friends looking for a great hip hop teacher. Seriously, it could not have gone any better.

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