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Hip Hop | Breaking | Street Styles - AGES 4 - 18 YO

Founded by James “Cricket “ Colter (NYC Lab Session founder & Renee Harris Puremovement Co-founder) & Pavan Thimmaiah (PMT House of Dance Director/Founder, Today Show Choreographer), Kid Hop - The Street Dance Initiative was established with the mission of providing a comprehensive education in the street dance styles to youth of all upbringings and backgrounds.  While street dance styles continue to grow in pop culture and the dance industry, the teaching of these styles to our youth continues to decline in quality and availability.  The children of the urban communities, where many of these styles originated, do not have the means to find quality dance instruction while others do not have an outlet to focus their passion and energy.  Kid Hop strives to provide children a unique environment for them to maximize their potential for dance.  We will not only provide quality instruction, but we will give them a full understanding of the dance culture.  It is this culture that makes the street dance styles so unique and allows dancers to maximize their potential and creativity – giving birth to many of today’s best performers.  Furthermore, students will be given the tools to help succeed as professionals in the commercial and non-commercial dance world – all from experience teachers who have lived and experienced it – backed by the reputation and resources of our founders and PMT House of Dance.

How do Hip Hop classes in the Kid Hop program differ from classes in the PMT Kids program?

Both classes utilize the same foundations. The Kid Hop program places a greater emphasis on freestyling whereas the PMT Kids program focuses on applying these foundation toward choreography. Both classes will present work but the context and application of the style is different.

How can my child place into the Kid Hop All-Stars?

Kid Hop All-Stars is a more focused, advanced training program for kids who are looking to further challenge themselves. It is analogous to training our pre-professionals and professionals take. We recommend at least 2 years of training in the Street Styles. 

For entry, please send your submission to - attn: Kid Hop NYC. Submission should show showcase any of the street styles (Breaking, Hip Hop, Funk Styles, etc) and should not be longer than 2 minutes. Please do not edit the video. A response will be sent within 48 hours of receiving it. All submissions must be received no later than one week prior to the start of the season.

Attire Requirements

To ensure a proper and safe learning environment, NO JEWELRY of any type is permitted in class. Each class requires the following attire:


All students must wear a black leotard with pink tights and pink ballet slippers.

Long hair must be completely tied up in a bun and not left in the student's face. 


Long hair must be tied back and pulled off of the face. 

Loose fitting clothes and jazz shoes or dance sneakers are required.


Students must wear comfortable dance or athletic pants. No jeans, cargo pants, or shorts are allowed.  Students must wear either dance sneakers or regular sneakers of any type/brand. 

Students can find the proper dance attire at any dance apparel store. Below are three dance apparel stores where you can find the proper dance attire:

Discount Dance Supply


Dance Distributors 

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