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  • Class sizes are limited, as always, to ensure better learning and safety.

Since 2004, PMT Dance Studio's Youth Dance Program (YDP) has provided fun and comprehensive classes in Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop for ages 3-14.  Our knowledgeable instructors are trained to approach each class with a welcoming, personalized technique that allows students to maximize their potential.  Students in the program are placed according to age. Those students who are eligible for more intensive training may be placed in higher age groups or may use this to qualify for our (pre-professional) Junior Company Program.

Level/Age Placement:

Children are placed in a class according to their age.  Should they be on the border between two age groups, they will be placed according to the age they turn that year (ie – if they are turning 9 that year, they will be placed with the 6-9 year olds). 

Placing Your Child Into Another Age Group:

If you would like your child to be placed in a class that is outside of their age group, whether it is older or younger than their current placement, please contact Pavan at with the reasons for your request.  Commonly accepted reasons include:


  • They show an aptitude higher than their age level (this would require the teacher’s approval)

  • They are close in age to a particular age group and would like to place up or down to make the child more comfortable.


Email with questions.

Loyalty Rewards:

15% off for students who have enrolled within the past year!

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