How is Hip Hop defined?

Hip Hop, in today's application, has become an umbrella term that includes elements of Popping, Locking, Breaking, House, Street Jazz, traditional Hip Hop and other related Street Dance styles.  It may also be based around freestyling, choreography, or both.  Please be sure to read each teacher's class description to get a better idea of a given class.


How do I know a classes' level is right for me?  What do the levels mean?

Generally, Basic or Beginner is the most novice and Intermediate or Advanced requires the most experience.


If you are new to a style, even if you have experience in another style, we strongly advise you take a basic or beginner class.  If you are new to a teacher, we advise you also take their beginner's class, if available. 

If you are taking an Open Level class, be prepared to move at the general level or pace comfortable for the class as a whole.  Experience is recommended.

If you have any doubts or questions about level placement, please contact and we will assist you as prompt and best as we can.


Do you accept credit cards?


If I have an issue with my ClassPass sign up, or I signed up to the wrong class via ClassPass, how can I resolve this?

Please keep in mind that ANY issue with ClassPass cannot be resolve through PMT Dance Studio.  You must contact ClassPass.  This includes signing up for the wrong class, being closed out of a class via ClassPass or having to cancel your ClassPass reservation all together.

Can I still sign up for a class in person if it is full or unavailable via ClassPass or Mindbody?

Yes, even if you cannot sign up for a class via ClassPass or any other service, you can still sign up for the class here at PMT when you arrive and pay for the class then.  Normal drop in class rates apply and these fees are separate from ClassPass

If my class card has expired, can I extend it?

Once a class card has expired, the only time you may extend it would be in an extenuating circumstance such as doctor diagnosed injury or death in the family.  All requests to extend class cards must be made via email to 

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