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How do I redeem my class credits from Glofox now that you are on Mindbody? To better serve our students, we switched over to Mindbody in November 2022. All credits and account information were transferred over at the time of transfer. To redeem your credits, CLICK HERE.

How do I know a classes' level is right for me?  What do the levels mean?

Basic/Intro - No experience needed. 

Beginner - Some experience or grasp of the fundamental is assumed.

Advanced Beginner - Minimum of 1.5-3 years of experience

Intermediate - Minimum of 3-5 years of experience (very challenging)

Advanced & Intermediate Advanced - Professional/Pre-professional

Open - All levels welcome. Pace may vary depending on the flow of the class.

Necessary experience varies from individual to individual and between genres of dance. 


What payment methods do we accept?

Credit/Debit cards, cash & Venmo.

If my class card has expired, can I extend it?

Once a class card has expired, the only time you may extend it would be in an extenuating circumstance such as COVID-19, doctor diagnosed injury or death in the family.  All requests to extend class cards must be made via email to

What is a Drop In Class?

Drop In Classes are offered the same time every week. Generally, the first portion of class is a warm-up consisting of movements to loosen up the body followed by (or tied into) a technique section which teaches and/or drills the form elements necessary for the style. The second part of the class emphasizes application of the technique and performance. This usually consists of a choreography or routine. In a freestyle class (ie - Freestyle House Dance) this may consist of performing in a cypher using the techniques taught to you. Generally, lessons are not carried over or built on from class to class (although teachers may repeat a routine either by request or to properly teach the dance elements of that routine). Drop In classes are not semester based - meaning, you can join at any time without previously attending a class. Our Performance Intensives do carry over lessons and work sequentially, building toward a final routine that will performed/presented. Drop in Classes allow for flexible scheduling and the opportunity to study under a variety of teachers and styles. Students can start taking these at any time!

What are Performance Intensives?

These are workshops that consists of a series of classes scheduled over a finite period of time - usually over a several weeks. In these intensives, they focus on learning a choreography to perform in a stage show - usually in one of our seasonal showcases. These workshops do not emphasize the teaching of technique in the same focused way drop in classes do. They are more focused on applying technique in a performance/practical setting. Lessons are carried over similar to a school semester - with each class building on the last. Students enrolled in a performance intensive are required to fully attend and participate in all scheduled classes and performances.


Contemporary: Clothes that adequately cover the body (leggings, tights, etc). Shorts and shirts that ride up and do not cover the body properly are not permitted. 

Hip Hop/Street Styles: Comfortable clothing with sneakers.

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