How do I know a classes' level is right for me?  What do the levels mean?

Basic - No experience needed. 

Beginner - Some experience or grasp of the fundamentals recommended but not required

Advanced Beginner - Minimum of 1.5-3 years of experience

Intermediate - Minimum of 3-5 years of experience (challenging)

Advanced & Intermediate Advanced - Professional/Pre-professional


Do you accept credit cards?


If my class card has expired, can I extend it?

Once a class card has expired, the only time you may extend it would be in an extenuating circumstance such as doctor diagnosed injury or death in the family.  All requests to extend class cards must be made via email to


Contemporary: Clothes that adequately cover the body (leggings, tights, etc). Shorts and shirts that ride up and do not cover the body properly are not permitted.