Established in 2001
The Prelude

Originating from a teenager’s basement hobby, PMT Dance Studio was born when founder Pavan M. Thimmaiah turned a part-time diversion into a full-time passion. Graduating NYU as Pre-Med student with a B.A. in Psychology, he was all set to take the next step and follow his life long goal of becoming a doctor. Mr. Thimmaiah decided to take a year off after graduating college in order to pursue his interest in dance, subscribing to the theory of living life with no regrets. He thought he would dance for a short period of time and then go on with his life as planned. He thought wrong. Little did he realize that his former adolescent hobby would change his life the way it did. After just a few months of dancing, he decided to put off a career in medicine and turn his fantasy of becoming a dancer into a reality.

The Story

After teaching and performing at various venues for almost a year, Mr. Thimmaiah’s experiences in the dance world led him to venture out on his own.  On May 19th, 2001, Mr. Thimmaiah hosted his own hip hop class on Saturdays 3:30 – 5:00pm from Dick Shea’s/Angel’s Hideaway at 69 W 14th Street, renting it out on an hourly basis. From this one class, Mr. Thimmaiah’s teaching style and growing resume resulted in a steady following, eventually giving birth to a curriculum of classes and the popular Performance Workshop Program. With the first showcase in the Fall of 2001, the foundation was formed for the PMT Seasonal Showcase Company – a nationally reviewed showcase company that is responsible for dozens of shows annually and growth of numerous dance companies. Over the years, the PMT Seasonal Showcase Company has provided dance companies with rehearsal space to cultivate their work and performance space to share their artistic vision with an audience.


Eventually on November 1st, 2004, Mr. Thimmaiah acquired what is now the James Michael Ambury III Studio (Studio A), which for the first time gave PMT Dance Studio a full-time home. Although it was just one studio, PMT Dance Studio was able to expand its business and for the first time incorporate additional faculty, classes and affordable rehearsal space for the dance community. In June of 2006, PMT Dance Studio took a leap of faith and made a bid for the entire 3rd floor of 69 West 14th Street after it was unexpectedly vacated by the long time resident, Dick Shea. PMT Dance Studio won the bid, and PMT had successfully expanded into the entire floor.


Since that time, many renovations to improve the space have been made, including the installation of dressing rooms, a shower room, new flooring, mirrors, professional A/V equipment and general repair of all facilities. To this day, continuous changes are being made to better the space and experience for all patrons.

Moving Forward

From its onset, PMT Dance Studio was founded on the principle of trying to open new doors without exploiting the talents of those in the dance and greater artistic community. PMT strives to provide a place where people can attain a complete dance education. Going forward, PMT Dance Studio will always make every effort to provide a positive environment with affordable dance classes and space; we will continue to provide opportunities to those who otherwise would not be able to enjoy all the rewards dance has to offer. Dance should always be something we enjoy, something that moves us freely, and not something that drains us or hinders us from growing both mentally and physically.

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PMT House of Dance

28 W 25th Street, 2nd floor

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