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Julie Carter, originally from Alabama, is a graduate of Point Park University with a B.A. in Dance with a Jazz Concentration.  She trained at Alabama Ballet and has performed as a dancer for Royal Caribbean International Cruise Lines and Spirit Productions. She has worked as an assistant to Jason Parsons, the late Doug Caldwell, Elizabeth Parkinson (Moving Out), Kathryn Mowat Murphy (Chorus Line), and has performed works by Jason Sparks, Luam, Mike Esperanza, Jaclyn Buglisi, Merce Cunningham, Lisa Harvie, among others.  Julie is on faculty at Steps On Broadway, Peridance, and has been a guest teacher for the Martha Graham School Summer Intensive, Beyond The Stars Dance Convention, Yale University, and Steps Youth Programs Summer Intensive. Most recently, she is a traveling faculty member for Liberate Artists and is an adjunct dance instructor at Sacred Heart University.

Class Description:

Julie’s class draws from a blend of jazz, ballet, and modern dance styles.  After a thorough full-body warm-up, the focus during the combo each week will be staying grounded during the movement and finding specificity and clarity in the body while also adding a range of dynamics to compliment the music.  Julie loves when dancers take risks and make unique choices, embracing their individuality. This class aims to develop the dancers’ artistry and technique while dancing to today's most current tunes.

Teaching Schedule*

*On Maternity Leave until June 2022

Drop In Classes

(Available In Person or Online)


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