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Jamal "Nemesis" Warren began his journey through Bboying in 1997 at the age of 16. The Bronx native was privileged to learn from many pioneers of the dance and culture like Mr. Do, Sammy and Chino of the legendary Incredible Breakers as well as Bboy icon Crazy-Legs of the world-renowned Rock Steady Crew. Nemesis began impacting the NY Scene in 2000 and was extended a position in NYC’s most reputable group to surface in the new Bboying era, The Breaks Kru. Through working with Breaks Kru, Nemesis was afforded the opportunity to travel around the US to enter and win various events and competitions. Nemesis today still enters competitions and promotes events. He is also featured as a guest choreographer in other artists' work, judges competitions, and teaches workshops worldwide. Through his heavy involvement in domestic and international Bboying functions and competitions, Nemesis will continue to anchor himself a position in the history books as one of NYC’s most skilled and well-respected dancers in Bboying, making “Nemesis” a household name around the world.


Class Description

This workshop will focus on musicality, tops and drops using transitions within the Bboy realm, switching levels from top to bottom. Students are expected to learn how to work with the music and express themselves with great rhythm.

Guest Faculty

Nemesis's Teaching Schedule


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