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Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Classes 

Open Popping

Saturday 2:30-4:00pm (Starts 1/15)

Michael “Big Mike” Fields - choreographer, educator, dancer and performing artist ; born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.


Big Mike stands at a statuesque 6’3’’, his movement constantly balancing between the duality of raw and explosive, yet subtle and meticulous.


He specializes in the style of Popping and has mastered the disciplines of Animation, Hitting, Waving and Isolation. He then ingeniously combines them with the elements of storytelling and comedic timing in his work.


Crowned as “New York’s best-kept secret”, some of Mike’s work include:

- Hip-Hop Connections - group that brings educational performances to schools around the tri-state area

- Commercial for PBS with Chaka Khan

- Opening act for Busta Rhymes

- Residency at Guttman College - Popping & Dance History

- The Brooklyn Ballet - The Brooklyn Nutcracker


New York Times says his work in the Brooklyn Nutcracker [makes] “musical sense of all the physical isolations of hip-hop.”


In 2015, he was invited by the Singapore tourism board as part of Singapore Invites initiative for a short video.


Big Mike remains active in the New York dance scene, holding his own practice at Brooklyn Ballet and often subs classes at BDC, Peridance, etc.


And is now honored to be working with PMT family!

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