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Classes and Workshops


Please review the following to learn more about our COVID-19 related policies, measures and requirements for all those in our community.

The Latest on Mandates

There is no vaccination mandate to enjoy PMT House of Dance. Following CDC's latest guidance, most recently August of 2022, there are no restrictions (for congregate settings) in place due to COVID-19. We do have mitigations measures in place - MERV-13 filters, aeration, disinfections and protocols should someone test positive. Students are required to report of they have tested positive or have potential symptoms of COVID-19.

Additional Information & Policy:

  • Mask Mandates. Our masking policy will remain the same. If a teacher wants to make masks mandatory, we will respect that decision and enforce it accordingly. This policy is available via sign up on Glofox and our IG story posts. Currently, there are no mask mandates in place.

  • Evolving Situation. A note that we will continue to follow both the science (in coordination with the local hospital systems), the needs of our greater community and City/State mandates. Anyone who is making a purchase is doing so with the knowledge that any of these factors may affect their ability to participate in on-premises classes and/or special events.

  • Additional engagements. A note that other facilities in NYC may still require vaccinations and boosters. Should we partner with those organizations, or have our events hosted off-site, you are still subject to their rules and regulations.

  • Best Masking Practices. It is important that when masking, for the best protection for yourself, KN95 and N95 masks are highly recommended. For information on these masks and how to find an legitimate, effective ones (there are many fakes out there): The CDC website also has very detailed information on this. Otherwise, any mask should have a snug fit and cover the nose and mouth.

  • Returning Students. The grace period to reactivate class cards that were active but paused in 2020 has passed barring mitigating circumstances such as a protractive health struggle.

What we expect from our community:

  • Thoughtful engagement. Understanding, patience and empathy are better ways to connect and move forward. Choose your words carefully. You are speaking with other human beings with feelings, lives and their own stories.

  • Our studio is a place to dance and enjoy community. Any decision we may will likely upset someone with possessing differing views. We consult local hospitals and monitor the numbers, both in the Tri-State Area and the locally. Our policy is subject to change dependent on these numbers, local law and other factors.  If you need assistance with this, feel free to contact us and will provide it confidentially.

  • Unruly Behavior. Many who were upset with the vaccine mandate brought unruly behavior to our studio, staff either in person or via social media. This is unacceptable and those persons are now experiencing life without dance as they once knew it. Do not join them. Treat our staff and space with respect. It is the home to thousands of people every week.

  • Consult your doctor on COVID-19. Do not rely on other students, anecdotal accounts, social media or individuals who do not otherwise have an expertise with the medical science, virology, immunology and the breadth of medical information available on COVID-19. Additionally, each individual circumstance is unique. To find your best path forward, please consult your doctor

Get ready for a NEW PMT!

When you come back, PMT will be better then when you left it. We are investing in ways to adapt to our new world. Most importantly, we are investing in our community (that's you).

  • Live Streaming. Each studio will be fitted with large flat screen TVs, microphones, video cameras for live streaming, Zoom accounts and equipment to connect it all. Students will be able to take online classes and/or in person classes.

  • Improved lighting. We are adding dimmers and colored lights to each studio. Due to COVID, this work may be delayed until further notice.

  • More mirrors. This is to allow better spacing between students and expand the usable size of the rooms.

  • Upgraded our Media Department. We now have the capability to edit and create well produced reels, videos and other media in house.

Additional Safety Measures: 

For a more detailed outline of COVID-19 Safety Protocols, CLICK HERE.

  • Mask Optional for all adults but teachers have the purview to require them. Masks are not required for our drop in classes or performance intensives UNLESS the teacher requires them. Each teacher has the purview to require masks at any time. Please check our IG story posts, call or check the class description in the Glofox app to see if a mask will be required for a particular class. Our teachers need to stay healthy to earn a living. Even a short quarantine or minor illness can result in a major loss of income and opportunity for them. Please respect their wishes as it pertains to masks until we have turned the corner on this pandemic. Working together and communicating is the best way through any difficult situation.

  • Limits on classes sizes, when necessary.

  • HVAC System is a fresh air exchange system upgraded with MERV 13 filters - found to be effective against COVID-19.

  • Student Agreement is required to take classes. This agreement is completed via GLOFOX upon completing your registration on the platform. It can also be done on site when walking on to class.

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