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Teaching Schedule

Drop In Classes

Open Reggaeton

Wednesday 4:30 -6:00pm

Beginner Heels

Thursday 9:10-10:40pm


David Machicado is a choreographer, dance instructor, artistic director and performer with over 13 years of experience. Originally from Lima, Peru where developed his career being part of D1 Dance Association since 2009 as a dancer and a member of D1 Dance Company and directed different crews and professional dance groups, he moved to the USA in November 2017 where he started teaching again.

His training goes from well recognized dance studios in Lima, Peru, to big studios over Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay) and the US.

His dance knowledge covers different styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, Latin styles, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk, etc., but his passion always went for urban styles such as Hip Hop Choreographic, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk, Heels and Reggaeton. He participated in big urban dance competitions such as Pura Calle (Peru), Hip Hop International, World of Dance and All Dance International (also Judge), and he also was part of Broadway Productions in Peru, like In The Heights and Mamma Mia.

In New York he has been also part of some productions performing and as a choreographer and has been teaching in different Dance Studios in Queens and Manhattan classes for kids and adults, from beginner to advanced levels.

Class Description


David's Reggaeton class focuses on developing body control, musicality, and that essential reggaeton groove to commit to the music. He starts his class with a warm up consisting of stretching and getting muscles loose, together with some basic moves to get familiar with the vibe of reggaeton music.  Then he will teach a choreography to explore movement in different textures and grooves. In every class he will want you to find yourself in the music and to express it fluently. 


Is a class that combines jazz, street jazz, theatre dance and/or commercial dance styles that utilize high heels shoes. We start with a warm-up, that includes stretching and strengthening exercises for our core, legs and arms, as we will also work on drills to get familiar with the movement wearing high heels. Followed by the learning of a short choreography to apply technique and performance. Technical dancing in high heels involves a change in weight placement, the ability to maintain balance when landing leaps and jumps, and simply learning how to execute steps with the addition of 2 to 3 more inches.

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