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Giorgia Vitali • Waacking

Born and raised in Italy, Giorgia Vitali trained at the Joffrey Ballet School on a Merit Scholarship and graduated with Excellence with Honors from the Certificate Program at Peridance Capezio Center.

She performed works by Margo Sappington, Kevin Wynn, Francesca Harper, Archie Burnett, Candace Brown, Kim Holmes, Karen Arceneaux, Ephrat Asherie and Shirlene Quigley. She presented her own work at New York Fashion Week and IDACO - Italian Dance Festival.
Giorgia is featured in the movie "Waiting in the Wings: Still Waiting and music
videos like "Hype Williams Video" by Jansport J. She recently released “Smile to
me”, an experimental music video for the songwriter Mary Esther Carter; touring
the US with the Bollywood show “Mystic India'', she’s been touring nationally and internationally with the Bollywood Show “Mystic India'', member of DeFunes Dance, Kalamandir Dance Company, Ajna Dance Company and Guilty Pleasures Cabaret.

She’s the only certified Bollywaack teacher in the TRI-State area, under the
guidance of Kumari Suraj.

Class description:

Through various techniques of arm movements we’ll be learning about musicality, history of waacking, posing and expression of character. Using the basic tools of this style we’ll create routines, improve our freestyle skills and feel fabulous about ourselves. This class will teach you how to use the knowledge and genuine understanding of waacking in today’s modern age and why it’s still so relevant while staying true to the essence of the style.

Teaching Schedule

Drop In Classes

(Available In Person Only)


Open Waacking

Tuesday 8.10- 9.40 pm

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