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Heat Rock One has more than 30 years of dance experience.  He is a perfect example of hip-hop culture. He is a man of many skills and is not limited to B-boying. He is well versed in writing, what we all know as graffiti. Heat Rock has received praises in the fine art world as well as the Hip-hop community. Heat Rock’s journey begins at the age of two in Georgia with a TV set, a VCR, and a passion for dance. Later he would move to Boston, MA, to continue his education and later make a name for him self as a popper. Heat would return to the art of b-boying, with a different outlook, in 2009. In 2012, he became one of the founding members of a unique in style and character group, Del Fuego Wolfpack. Heat Rock has had many loses but achieved many memorable moments, awards, accomplishments, wins, and highlights in areas such as; fine art, all styles, top rock, footwork, teaching, popping, and acting. 

Class Description:

Come join Heat Rock as he covers the basics for beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers skilled or exploring the art of BBOYing/BGirling (what you all know as break dancing). In his class you will learn a deeper understanding of toprock, footwork, freezes, transitions, musicality, power, history and more. No mater if you are new or experienced, this class will help you polish and refine your approach to dance. This class is open to all levels.


Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Class


Breaking Fundamentals (Open Levels)

Wednesday 9:00 - 10:30pm 

Starts 3/20/2024

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