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Brooklyn native, Infinite “Ivvy” Lynn has always had a knack for dance since she was a child growing up in the early 90's, dancing around her house to anything with a catchy beat or a rhythmic tune. Since then, dance has always been a part of Ivvy’s life, self-taught, she studied styles such as hip hop, belly dance, and street dances called Bruk up and Flexn. One of Ivvy’s missions is to spread women empowerment through expression and movement with an unapologetic attitude and creativity. As of now Ivvy has worked with Elton John, Sean Paul and Tanisha Scott. She has also done freelance modeling, merging her personality with fluid movement and daring Japanese hip hop street fashion. She has performed in Monochromatic Light at the Park Avenue Armory, Life at Larocks, Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadTour, Lincoln Center, and at the Guggenheim Museum.

Class Description:

Suitable for all levels, this workshop covers Flexn fundamentals, enhancing flexibility, and intricate movement expression. Participants explore techniques, improvisation, choreography, and gain battle insights. Join us to deepen your dance prowess in a supportive and creative atmosphere.


Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Class


Flexn 101 (Open Levels)

Saturday 4:10pm-5:40pm 

Starts 7/13/2024

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