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Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Classes 

Open Popping - Available In Person Only

Tuesday 6:35 - 8:05pm 

Grew up in the Bronx and Upstate New York. My first passion was soccer and made a career out of it until my injury which led me to popping. Before I was born my grandmother had a deli shop around Van Cortlandt where the NYC breakers used to get down. I did not find this out until later but my mother introduced me to the dance. That being said i watch movies like beat street, breakin, etc. I got into popping after seeing Popping Taco & Mr. Wave. I learned from them via VHS rewinding until I broke the VCR. Back in 2011 I enter a jam called Just to get a Rep where I face Katalyst and he introduced me to Chill from inhumanoids and PMT and I saw the dance culture for the first time. I have been popping and battling ever since. I have won several jams and taught in serval studios (Dance Expression, EXPG, Broadway Dance Center, Etc). I also teach private lessons to those who want to learn. More recently I have been traveling for dance due to battle and winning. My biggest moment was when i was invited as a battle guest to China which I won the Jam. My 1st international jam with my 1st International win. I love popping but more important sharing this dance with people. 

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