Ken Swift


Kenny, “Ken Swift” Gabbert is one of the greatest influences the dance of B.Boying has known. Considered "The Epitome of a B.Boy" dancers have emulated Ken's image and style worldwide. His career began the late 1970's as President of "Young City Boys" crew from the Upper West side of Manhattan. In the1980's Ken along with Frosty Freeze became Co-Vice Presidents of the world renowned "Rock Steady Crew", who were responsible for bringing Breaking to many different parts of the world through extensive tours and classic Hip Hop films such as “Style Wars” (1982), “Wild Style”(1982), “Flashdance” (1983), and “Beat Street”(1984). Ken Swift is credited with establishing movements critical to the dances' foundation and throughout the last 30+ years has contributed to promoting and preserving the art form of Breaking.  



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