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Lesar Stepputat • HOUSE

Originally from Italy, currently based in Brooklyn - NYC,  Lesar Junior is a dancer, teacher and organizer rooted into house dance culture.

As a young dancer he spent time in Paris, where he was trained by some of the 1st and 2nd generation of house dancers, before taking on his journey to move to the United States where he started teaching in the Bay Area,  and later New York City, followed by multiple workshops abroad including Amsterdam, Budapest, Berlin and more. 


Lesar also constantly researches and advocates for house dance culture, it’s club scene and its community. 

Strong influences to his movement comes from Capoeira, Hip Hop and Contemporary dance. In the last years he worked with multiple music artists (Nervous records) and dance companies at urban and theater events internationally. Some of the dance companies he worked with include: Botega, directed by Enzo Cielli (Rome), Embodiment Project, directed by Nicole Klaymoon (San Francisco) and Concept Kinetics directed by James Colter aka “Cricket” (New York).

Lesar has also qualified in top positions at numerous International dance battles such as: Summer dance forever, Step Ya Game Up, The Blueprint, Versa-style competition, Tap Water Jam, The Abyss, and more. 

Class Description

The first part of this class will focus on house fundamentals, groove and style leading into more complex and polyrhythmic combinations. 

In the second part we will use and apply our learnings in a coreo sequence while also exploring different concepts to develop your freestyle and personality as a house dancer. 

Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Classes 

Advance Beginner House Dance


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