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Beginner Jazz Dance

Tuesday 6:30 - 8:00pm

Beginner Contemporary 

Thursday 5.40-7.10pm

Adv. Beg. Theater Jazz Dance

Friday 6:00 - 7:30pm 

MICA BUTNAR - Jazz Dance
Associate Director

Micaela Butnar was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  A performer since her formative years, her talents lead her to success as a professional dancer in Argentina.  After studying in Julio Bocca Academy, she performed for the reprisal of 'The Man with the Iron Mask', Luxes, Juegos de Fabrica while continuing her studies at Universidad Nacional de Artes.

Her passion for the arts brought her to New York City.  Inspired by numerous Broadway productions, she is now committed as a full time performer in one of the world's biggest markets.  In short time, she has already performed at the Cutting Room (NYC), in halftime shows for the Brooklyn Nets & with Julia Kane Dance Collective.

Mica hopes to inspire her students with her dedication, passion and her journey.

Class description:

Mica creates a welcoming, warm and safe environment for the students to learn. She loves to have fun while in class so laughs are 100% guaranteed! She challenges the students pushing them to the next level, giving individual feedback to help them grow.

Beginner Jazz: This class is for students with a minimum knowledge of technique. It focuses on Jazz and Ballet foundation to build a strong base to then move to the choreography where you will work on dynamics, training the body and brain to learn choreography and enjoy dance at the same time.


Adv. Beg. Theater Jazz:  An advanced level of technique is required to get the maximum from this class. It starts with a really fun and cardio warm up, followed by technique and focus on battements and turns to finish in a long challenging but FUN choreography. The goal is to offer the students tools to learn and remember choreography and the difference in this class is the focus on storytelling, characteristic of Theater Jazz.