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Teaching Schedule

Drop In Classes

(Available In Person Only)

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Street Jazz

Monday 7:35 - 9:35 pm


Int. Grooves and Execution

Friday 4:00 - 5:30pm *NEW TIME*

Adv. Beg. Hip Hop Choreo

Saturday 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Mini Zhang was born and raised in China, and discovered her love for Hiphop dance when she was 16. After graduating college in the US, she decided to pursue her passion for dance in New York City. She has trained in street styles with many world-renowned teachers in New York particularly in Hiphop and House. She has also studied other street/club styles such as lite feet, locking, popping, waacking and vogueing. Besides, she has trained heavily in commercial dance and have worked with choreographers such as Kelly Peters, RK Davis, Princess Lockeroo, Ruthy inchaustegui and more. Mini’s dancing experiences range from stage to music videos to off-broadway shows.

In addition, Mini has been choreographing and teaching for a few years in the city. Her teaching experience includes both adults and kids, from beginner to advanced. Through exploring her own style, she has gained a deeper understanding of movements in different dance styles and developed her own ways of teaching to help students understand their own body and movement.


Class Description

Hip Hop

Mini’s Hiphop classes focus both on street style foundations and choreography execution. She starts her class with a warm up consisting of grooves, basic steps and isolation. Then she will teach a piece of her own choreography to help students execute their foundations in movement sequences. She also emphasizes on texture, musicality and fluidity in her style. In every class she aims to offer students more insights and understanding of how to express themselves with movements.

Grooves and Execution

The first part of the class focuses on drilling the basic grooves and techniques used in street styles including Hip Hop, House and Popping. Students are expected to come with basic understanding and training in various street/club styles or have an interest in studying outside of this class. The second part of the class focuses on the rhythmic expression of dance with an organic connection to music. This class is not training for a specific style, but rather for dancers with experience to further develop their movement execution and internal flow. Both choreography and freestyle may be involved as tools for the execution of dance. 

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