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Though Andy Needham was born and raised in New York, he didn’t start dancing until the age of 19 at Cornell University. While dancing recreationally at first, he soon found a passion for movement and began to practice religiously in his free time. When he graduated three years later, his training only increased as he was exposed to NYC’s rich dance culture, something he felt he missed out on growing up.


Since graduating college, he has performed for the Nick Cannon show, We Are All Human Gala, PMT Dance Company, Carnival, Sybarite, and for choreographers Pavan Thimmaiah, Kelly Peters, Vive Khamsingsavath, and Princess Lockerooo.

Class Description

Fundamentals in any dance style take time and patience, and Hip Hop is no exception. Therefore, this class is structured so the majority is spent on grooves, footwork, isolations and waves. At the end of class we will learn a short routine that uses these concepts in the context of choreography, showing you just one way you can use a string of movement to tell a story. The class moves at a gentle pace, allowing ample time for each new movement to be workshopped into the body. Whether you hope to dance professionally or simply wish to move with confidence at the club, the fundamentals-based approach applies to all audiences.


Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Classes 

(Available In Person or Online)

Basic Hip Hop

Saturday 1:00 - 2:30pm

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