How to Sign Up for Online Classes
1. Get your free Zoom account.
2. Sign up HERE (Glofox Account required).
3. An email confirmation with the link will be send automatically once you sign up.
4. Enjoy!

Online Class Requirements:

  • Space to move, without obstruction (consult your instructor)

  • Sufficient Internet Connection

  • Phone, tablet or computer

  • Only 1 person per device.

  • You MUST turn on your camera. If you don't do so, you will not be able to take the class.

  • Must arrive within 20 minutes of the start of class. For your safety and our of respect for the class, please do not arrive late.


Online Class Rates:

Classes & Packages: 

  • Single Class: $10.00

  • Unlimited Online Classes (1 month): $50.00

  • Unlimited Online & In Person Classes (1 month): $185.00

Why We Need Your Support:

  1. Arts Facilities, including dance studios, are not eligible for most of the Financial Assistance available to others.

  2. Artists are finding it equally as hard to find help. Some of our artists are facing hardships finding food and a place to live.  

  3. Your donations support our artists, other students who are struggling and the business that houses all of this.

Troubleshooting & Questions:

  • Sign onto Zoom with the same name you use on Glofox. If your name is different, you may be removed from the room by the Admin.

  • For last minute issues with the Zoom link or a class you are trying to take, please call 212-924-5694.

  • For questions about class credits, class cards, Glofox or anything related to registration itself, please email Mica at

More information and policy