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Pauline Casiño found her love for the arts of dance and performance at the early age of 8. Moving to NYC at the age of 12 allowed her to begin dabbling into various disciplines of dance and train with Hip Hop Theory under the mentorship of Moe Dean. She slowly began integrating herself into the NY community circuit and later found herself transitioning into the professional industry.


Pauline is currently signed with Clear Talent Group and has worked with brands such as Adidas, Nike, Adorama and Glow Recipe, and appeared in the Apple TV+ series "Little Voice". She was also a part of Candace Brown's Soul Spot production, BTS' Love Yourself NY/NJ concert, and is a Monsters Cast Nominee for the 2022 show. 

Class Description

Pauline teaches her advance choreography classes in pursuit of helping students explore new movements fusioned from different styles of dance, all while encouraging them to find their most authentic selves. The relationship between music and movement is a concept that she strongly motivates her students to understand and explore further, as she hopes that this could be the tool that helps them find their truest flavor as artists and movers. 

Teaching Schedule

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