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Teaching Schedule

Drop In Classes

Open Bollywood

Tuesday 5:00 -6:30pm (Starts 5/21)

Revati Mahurkar 

Revati Mahurkar is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher signed with Clear Talent Group in New York City. Having grown up all over the world, her art fuses cultures and seeks to create connections between people everywhere. Her purpose is to make people feel at home through dance. Revati is primarily trained in Kathak (Classical Indian dance), Heels, Street Jazz, and Hip Hop. She has performed at a variety of exciting shows including Indian reality TV, Choreographer's Carnival, Sybarite Love is Love Worldwide, Club NYC Cent, Desi Dance Fest, Drunk Bollywood Live, and the Erasing Borders Festival hosted by the Indian American Arts Council. She has also worked with Director Mira Nair in the pre-production of Monsoon Wedding the Musical. 

Class Description

Learn how to dance like a Bollywood movie star with grace, power, and sensuality! Bollywood dance is a culmination of a variety of global styles like Jazz, Latin, Indian Folk and Classical, Street Styles and more! Experience a new flavor of this dynamic and joyful style of dance with instructor Revati every week, and get ready to expand your movement vocabulary while honing in on the nuances and details of South Asian feminine expression.

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