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Richard James is a Panama native that grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn where his eclectic dance style had been deeply influenced by his culture and the people that surrounded him. At the early age of 10, he started his dance training in various dance styles such as Hip Hop, Jazz, West African, and Tap. 

James, got his first real taste of the entertainment industry as a teen, where he was discovered and hired to model for various commercial print ads. During his high school and college years he was also a competitive Track and Field athlete but his passion for the arts never died.

Currently, James can be spotted touring the world with international house/dance music artist Crystal Waters (Gypsy Woman) and Venezuelan reggaeton Artist Mpeach (Venamo). In the Future he hopes to open his very own dance studio for children of low income households and begin to branch of into the musical theatre world.

Class Description


Hip Hop. This class will explore the fundamentals of various Hip Hop dance styles and groove techniques allowing the students to feel comfortable while dancing in any given situation. We will also, include a Hip Hop across the floor, performance techniques, and a short cipher and the end of each class so everyone can take a moment to create their own movement.


Richard's Teaching Schedule

Drop-In Classes

(Available In Person only)

Adv. Beg Hip Hop

Wednesday 7:35 - 9:05pm 


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