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Don "Campbellock" Campbell


Originally from Saint Louis, Don "Campbellock" Campbell is best known for creating the campbellock dance, which later became known as "locking."

    In the early 70s, Don became a member of the Soul Train cast when the program came to Los Angeles. He was a featured dancer until 1973, when he was remove from the program for asking that the dancers get paid. Don then recruited other dancers who loved and copied his dance, some of whom were also removed from the program for the same reason. He created a song titled "The Campbellock" to go with his new high-flying, groundbreaking new dance.

     Don's group, known then as the "Campbellock Dancers," appeared on the popular Carol Burnett Show. The group name was later changed to "The Lockers." They appeared on other shows including "The Tonight Show," "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "The Grammys," "The Oscars," and "Saturday Night Live" as the first non-musical group to ever perform on the show.

     Today's popularity of the dance has renewed interest in both Don and his dance. He travels to various cities/countries lecturing on the dance. He has recently toured Japan, Belgium, Canada, China, Russia, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands and more.

     Don is now back in New York City to work with his great friend and the first locker in New York, Shock-a-lock. Together they will educate a new generation of lockers. Don Campbell will share his history of the dance with his "Creator's Workshop" lecture. 


Class Description

In this workshop, students will learn the origin of the dance as seen before the group was formed. Since Mr. Campbell is the creator of the dance, this distinguishes this workshops from all others because of his first-hand information and experience of the dance.


Read Don's recent interview on the Dance Mogul Magazine's website and the magazine's upcoming issue.


Guest Faculty

Campbellock's Teaching Schedule


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