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​Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited drop-in classes

  • Up to seven performance workshops per year (6 month & 1 Year Membership Only)

  • 10% off any additional purchases (which includes space rentals and merchandise)

  • Free Locker Service

  • Invitation to Members Only Events and Discounts for other Special Events.

1 Month Membership                  $150.00 

6 Months Membership                 $700.00

Annual Membership                     $1250.00

Purchase Online:


Purchaser has 12 months to redeem their membership card (from the date of purchase) - this time to REDEEM the card may be extended if the customer requests via email.  However, once it is redeemed, the expiration date is final and it cannot be extended. All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE.  

1 Month Membership
12 Month Membership
6 Month Membership

For all Terms and Policies, CLICK HERE.

Terms and Policies

  • Membership does not include free classes in our Kid Hop, Youth or Junior Company classes. The 10% discount may be applied to these purchases, however.

  • Your membership can be activated any time within six months of the purchase date. If it is not redeemed within 6 months, it will automatically be activated 6 months from the purchase date.

  • $5 replacement fee for lost membership card.

  • Requires Member Agreement before activation (to be filled out on premises).

  • To use your membership, you may present your membership card. If you are looking to enroll for a workshop via email (or not in person), you may do so with via the email you used when signing up for membership. Your membership benefits will automatically be applied.

  • Performance Workshops: Members are entitled to 3 performance workshops per 6 months membership and 7 performance workshops per annual membership. To apply to a performance season, membership must be active for at least 1/3 of  a given performance season.  One month members do not receive Performance Workshops with their Membership.  They may not apply their Member Discount towards Performance Workshop Enrollment Fees.

  • Special workshops, such as PMT at Barclay's, may not be offered for free as part of the Performance Workshops included with Membership.  Members are entitled to a special discount, but special workshops are subject to enrollment fees.  This is to meet the costs of running such a workshop.

  • If a member enrolls in a workshop, but does not complete the workshop, a cancellation fee of $75 per workshop shall be assessed. Exceptions shall be made for doctor verified injuries that occur during the course of a workshop. Exception shall be given in extenuating circumstances such as a death in family, at the sole discretion of PMT Management. This is because workshop spots are limited and student attendance and participation often dictates the success of a performance experience. Membership cannot be partially applied towards workshops or any other item or service.

  • Member Benefits are valid ONLY for the duration of your membership. Member benefits cannot be transferred. They cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers.

  • 10% discount is not valid toward events held outside of PMT Dance Studio's premises such as shows and events. This includes showcases.

  • Membership cannot be transferred. Membership benefits cannot be used by anyone other than the member. 

  • Membership cannot be suspended or put on hold. Once activated, it cannot be de-activated or paused.

  • Membership fees are non-refundable.  All purchases are final.

  • Certain purchases may not be available online (ie - merchandise or tickets). These purchases can only be made on premises with your membership card.

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