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Ariston ReMinD Ripoyla

Street Dance - Guest Faculty

Ariston "ReMinD" Ripoyla  has been a practitioner of Hip Hop Culture for over 30 years.  Born and raised in Stockton, California,  A unique mix of dance styles House, Popping Locking, Breaking and Freestyle makes Remind stand out from the rest. ReMind collected a countless string of prestigious victories and titles, a recipient of the legendary Spy Award, the most prestigious award in Hip Hop Dance.  Quickly becoming a star in the B-Boy community worldwide. ReMind also innovated a series of transitions, neck rolls, head slides, wrist moves, freezes, and concepts which would be taken up by B-Boys and B-Girls around the world. His signature moves became adopted so widely that they have today become standard vocabulary of the dance, referred to by some as the “new foundation.” Remind continues to teach workshops and judge Hip Hop competitions world wide,  to spread all the elements of Hip Hop Culture to future generations.


Class Description

Remind will show how to put different street style's together seamlessly to open the doors to a free self expression.

Remind's Teaching Schedule

All Styles Master Class (Open Level)


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