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Loyalty Rewards: 15% off!

2 week program

4 week program

Early bird (n/a)
Loyalty reward (15% off)

6 week program

Early bird (n/a)
Loyalty reward (15% off)
Early bird (n/a)
Loyalty reward (15% off)

8 week program

Early bird (n/a)
Loyalty (15% off)

Enrollment Periods

Session 1 (2 weeks): 7/1 - 7/12

Session 2 (2 weeks): 7/15 - 7/26

Session 3 (2 weeks): 7/29 - 8/9

Session 4 (2 weeks): 8/12 - 8/23

Full Summer Season (8 weeks): 7/1 - 8/23

These are the recommended enrollment periods. They will help maintain some continuity, giving the kids a better experience.

Families may choose any combination of  these recommended enrollment periods to constitute their 4 or 6 week options. Weeks may also be split up. For example: You may enroll in the first week of Session 2 and the final week of Session 4.


Registration may be done online, by phone, in person or by mail. The total tuition is due before the start of each session.  Review the SCHEDULE to make sure you are selecting the correct class(es). 

Upon registration, parents will receive a copy of our Guidebook with rules, regulations and acknowledge agreement.

To Register:

Step 1 - Download, review and complete the Registration Form

Step 2 - Make payment via Venmo (@pmtdancestudio), in person or by calling 212-924-5694.

Step 3 - Mail/Deliver or email your registration form to  A confirmation will be sent once payment and your form is received.

Enrollment Options:

To Register via Venmo:

Send enrollment to @pmtdancestudio (verification digits: 2729).  Be sure to provide your name and email so we can follow up.

To Register Over the Phone:

Call 212-924-5694 9am – 9pm daily with a valid credit card.  After the completion of this call, mail or email ( your completed form.

To Register in Person: 

Come visit us between 9am- 9pm, daily.  Hours are subject to holidays and off-days.  Please call ahead (212-924-5694) before visiting.

All checks must be made out to PMT Dance Studio. Send the completed Registration Form to complete your registration 

Placement & Age Groupings:

  • Classes are grouped according to age in three separate groups: 3-5 years old, 6-8 years old and 9-12 years old.


  • Children must be potty trained

  • Must bring own snacks and lunch. (No peanut butter or peanut products) FOOD WILL NOT BE PROVIDED BY PMT



All registration fees are non-refundable and non-exchangeable with the following exception - If a class is NOT full or would lose viability due a drop of a single student, a $100.00 cancellation fee shall be applied if registration is canceled with at least 10 days notice (prior to the start of the class). A 10% processing fee also applies to credit/debit card payments. No refunds, exchanges of any type shall be granted after this time. Semester tuition can not be carried over to other sessions or semesters. Students will be allowed to enter class only after their registration is completed and tuition is paid up to date. PMT Dance Studio is not required to schedule make up classes for students who are absent.


PMT Dance Studio reserves the right to cancel classes that do not meet the enrollment before the first class. Classes, faculty and schedule are subject to change.


Class sizes are limited to keep the classes enjoyable and comfortable for our students.



             Tickets for the show/recitals are sold separately and are NOT included in tuition.

             Costume is not included. The cost of this is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.



Adult supervision ends at the end of each class. Students waiting for their parents past the class time will be instructed for pick up in our common area.  Children are the responsibility of the parents upon the conclusion of class(es).


Students must be enrolled in a full season of our Youth Programs within the past year.  Loyalty rewards do not apply to partial or half season enrollments.

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